Moxie Showerhead Speaker – New Music Experience

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What is the Moxie Showerhead Speaker

Moxie Showerhead speaker is a new product that features audio offers to your shower. With Bluetooth, this product allows you to connect any device with your shower head. Allowing you to stream your favorite music, podcast, or radio show. In addition, the speaker can also be paired with other speakers creating surround sound. This a great product that will improve you shower experience.

Moxie products are designed to work as part of your overall bathroom design. with a wide range of uses, this system is perfect for any household. The product is available in several sizes and colors making it a great fit for any bathroom. This high-quality speaker is ideal for small or large bathrooms.

The Moxie shower speaker comes with an easy-to-use interface that gives you total control. You can choose which output you want, with a choice between either front center, or surround sound. If you want to filter out specific frequencies, you can adjust the settings. With Bluetooth, you will be able to stream music directly from any device.
Blue, Bluetooth, Speaker, Electronic, Technology

Major Benefits

Moxie products are known for their high-quality speaker systems. They are so confident about their performance that they provide a two-year guarantee. These speakers are made using the best technology to improve the overall sound. The main concern with shower speakers is the sound quality and water resistance. With Moxie, you will not have to worry about either of these.

Another benefit of Moxie speakers is that they support voice commands. It works with Siri, Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Nest, and more. This is a popular feature that is important when dealing with water. This option allows you to have control without having your devices on hand. The technology is one of the main things that set moxie apart from other brands.

The moxie speaker was designed with the best technology. The adjustable nozzles are made for easy use and great style. The spray system will work well with all bathroom set ups. In addition, this product was thoroughly tested to ensure all aspects work great.

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Unique Experience

When using Moxie products you can enjoy live streaming of several radio stations from your own laptop computer. This perfect for staying entertained with a wide range of options. The Moxie Speaker has been designed for general use and will work well with your home wireless network. It also has an easily adjusted volume control, making it easy to get the perfect sound.

The Moxie Wireless Speaker is ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Whether it’s a home, rental property, or hotel, this product will work great. This product will instantly improve the shower experience, with the sound of great music. This product was designed to improve the overall shower experience and add value to a home.