Indie Pop Music Genre Overview

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Indie pop is a music genre that has its origin in the United Kingdom in the 1980s. It has its roots from the Scottish post-punk bands. The difference between indie pop and indie rock is it is more a melodic, light-hearted music. It is also less irritating and anxiety-free. The name indie pop is derived from “independent” as it is more of a freestyle music combined with the pop genre.

It gained its popularity from a small fan magazine and small record labels sold in shops. Indie Pop artists tend to have an apparently primitive and short-sighted way to deal with music, taking many prompts from punk’s DIY philosophy. The genre is enlivened by the music of The Velvet Underground, 1960s popular music, Power Pop, and Post-Punk.

The expression “indie pop” had been utilized for quite a while to portray artists on autonomous labels. However, the key moment in the naming of “indie pop” as a classification was the arrival of NME’s C86 tape in 1986. The assemblage highlighted, among different artists, Primal Scream, The Pastels, and The Wedding Present, and “outside the box” rapidly ended up a shorthand for a music genre whose characterizing traditions were recognized as clattering guitars, a love of ’60s pop, and melodic power pop tune structures.

Music videos

The music videos of indie pop are known to be low-budget. A common video of an indie pop album mostly takes place in studios, cities, woodlands, and parks. These locations cause the audience to focus more on the performance.


The main aim of indie pop music videos is to make the audience appreciate the talent of the performing artist. The music videos usually contain a live performance of the artist. It defines the passion of the artist towards music rather than making money.


These live performance music videos also act as a promotion to the artist. It encourages the audience to watch the performance of the artist in live concerts.


Indie pop music videos include a narration of the story by using a sequel of images and visuals related to the song.  As technology improves it is easier for the artist to convey the storyline of the song using visual special effects. It also enables the artist to make more interesting music videos.

Dialogues are often used in these music videos in the beginning of the video or at the end, to convey or conclude the storyline of the song.


The idea of indie pop music did not take shape until the late 1980s and mid-1990s. American independent pop band Beat Happening’s 1985 eponymous debut album was additionally compelling in the advancement of the indie pop music, especially in North America. In the mid-1990s, English indie pop influenced to a variety of styles. The US, which did not have as quite a bit of a scene in the 1980s, had numerous indie pop enthusiasts by the mid-1990s.

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